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What we offer

We offer artists with a need for community and international collaborations, to meet, experiment, dance and perform unconditionally


We create a safe space for BIPOC artists that urge to be a part of an artistic community in an intimate setting. This is a space meant to contribute to a thriving, artistic culture without power-structural interference.

Rehearsal space

Dotra Art Centre offers residential spaces in a rå (earthy) setting, where performers are welcome to spontaneously share their work and the opportunity to collaborate with other (unexpected) mediums.


Want to increase your artistic skills? Dare to try something new? We offer training in various dance practices and welcome performers/artists to share their practice open to the public or invited guests 


General information for visitors to Dotra Art Centre


Can I rent the studio at Dotra Art Centre?

No matter if you are an independent artists in need of rehearsal space or if your new company/institution need to expand possibilities for a creative space, we provide a rental suggestion according to availability. Click here for more information.


Can I host a workshop at Dotra Art Centre?

We'd love for you to stop by and share your practice with other dancers and performers! We invite artsts by selection and make sure to have workshops that are available for all local and international artists in the field that are interested in dance, theatre, music, visual arts, etc.


Are you hiring artists?

Dotra Art Centre is not able to provide artists with fees for performing their finished works at the moment. Yet, we have a well established network with organisers that we are happy to get you in touch with. The centre is under development, and we hope to be able to host productions in the future that are looking for a raw/informal format to work within.


Where can I keep myself updated on future events?

We hope that you'd want to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to keep updated on future events. We also invite you to visit RÅ - Performance Evenings  to keep updated on future announcements, and to meet up with the artistic community in the area.

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