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Dotra Art Centre is a new, artistic hub based in Umeå/Ubmeje.
With inspiration from Umeå’s cultural history, we encourage the local and indigenous communities to have access to a space for creative freedom, as well as the opportunity to join a context where exchange with international artists are encouraged and supported.
During 2 years, this project is hoping to contribute to a thriving, international arts field in Västerbotten, Sápmi/Sweden.

We also aim to revive the spirit of the local grass-root culture, by creating a sense of community that can contribute to a thriving, artistic culture without power-structural interference. The space takes form through inviting dancers, choreographers, painters, musicians and performers to be a part of an intimate and inclusive setting.





The idea of creating an art centre in Ubmeje came from Marit Shirin Carolasdotter, choreographer and dancer that decided in 2019 to work in Sápmi, close to both mountains and sea. She noticed many buildings in the city that were empty, theatres where nobody was performing anymore. Due to a lack of spaces where performers could meet and experiment, she and her partner decided to build their own place, in what came to be an interdisciplinary art studio.

Dotra Art Centre provides residential spaces, workshops and seminars as well as a performance evenings in a rå (raw, earthy) setting where performers are welcome to spontaneously share their work and have the opportunity to collaborate with other (unexpected) mediums.





We perform, rehearse
we come to do the work

Our garage-esque studio has a 5x7m spring dance floor covered with a black dance mat.
At the back of the studio we have a table left from the old car-shop that turns into a DIY bar during RÅ-Performance evening and other events. The space is perfect for dance workshops, concerts, lectures, conferences and as a gallery for visual art/performance.

We have a small pentry with fridge and microwave. The facilities also has 1 toilet that we call 'tantra toilet', decorated with lovable quotes and images provided by visiting artists

Image gallery

our space


The centre is under work in progress and strive toward improvement for differently abled bodies. Access to our stage is perfect via 2 garage-doors, as well as access to chairs and special seating needs.
We are looking for means to build a ramp to the pentry and toilet.

Parking is available by special request right outside the entrance, and more available parking space is found outside the complex.

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