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Kinda like an open stage, but in a raw and (earthy) setting

RÅ literary means 'raw' in Swedish, which is a good description of our concept of inviting local and international performers to meet and share their unfinished, unripe untitled or unpolished performative work.
It is possible for performers to mix and match between expressions such as dance, live music, performance art in an intimate setting with invited audience. Maybe you are looking for a try-out audience for your next gig? Or maybe you want to explore possibilities of collaborating with other artists? 

One Saturday a month (ish) Dotra Art Centre turns the space into a playground of (unexpected) mediums to improvise together or perform a work in progress. This is an opportunity for artists to practice performing in front of a live audience, as well as daring to try something that might feel a bit...out of the comfort zone, but that will be set in a safe space with a lot of encouragement and sense of community.

Every body is able to perform and participate as an audience during RÅ - Performance Evenings.


Dates for upcoming RÅ 2024 are to be announced shortly. Keep updated by following us on social media: @dotra.artcentre


Artists are welcome to prepare from 16:30
Doors open at 17:45 for audience
Time frame is preferably 1 - 20 min long performances
* If collaborating with live music, bring your own equipment
* Any props or set design is welcome, as long as you can move it quickly for the next performance to start immediately after

* Incoming suggestions can be improvised, set or experimental
* The space is raw, and garage-esque, the fluorescent light in the space will be used
* Audience entrance fee is donation based with a minimum of 50 SEK

So, How about it?
We do not make a selection of performers, instead, send the following information in the form below:
*Your Name
*Length of performance 

Make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to not miss out info on the next RÅ - Performance Evening.

Registration for performers
RÅ - Performance Evening

Please read through the information above and let us know if you have any questions

Thanks for submitting to RÅ - Performance Evening! We will contact you with more information

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