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Studio Rental/Residency

Dotra Art Centre rents out workspaces and varies in duration depending on availability. Artists are asked to fill in an application below, and can apply as individuals or as a group, collective,

or organisation.


Artist in residence  - Info

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Dotra Art Centre is suitable for

- Workshops such as dance, voice, theatre
- Events such as performance evenings

- Rehearsals/training such as dancing, yoga, theatre, music
- Meetings such as networking, lecture sessions etc.



- 90 sqm space
- 5 x 7 m dancefloor with black dance mat
- Small pentry with microwave, refrigerator
- Lounge area with couches, chairs
- 1 toilet
- Audience up to 80 people

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Selection criterias for artist in residence

Send us a complete application by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

The duration of time and space is based upon availability and other activities at Dotra Art Centre. Non-affiliated artists such as freelancers have the possibility of renting the space by donation, we encourage you in exchange to motivate your engagement in the space, for example spreading information about our activities and create your own activities within our community. Mention this when filling in the form, or contact us on email.
Make sure that you can provide with most of your own materials during your residency, as Dotra Art Centre is a raw space. Special technical equipment for performances and residency is provided by the artists themselves.
We encourage applicants to contribute to the space by selecting options in the form. 


Residency benefits for freelance artists

Not sure how to choose?
Pay-what-you can, examples:


For individuals (1 person):
6h/studio time per month: 400 kr
8h/studio time per month: 600 kr

For groups: (2-10 persons)
6h/studiotime per month: 750 kr
8h/studiotime per month: 1500 kr


If you are an organisation, studieförbund or other established group, please contact us for more info. The price example concerns freelance artists only.

If you are a funded artist, consider to apply as an artist-in-residency!

Residency Application
What are you interested in?
What would you like to help Dotra Art Centre with?

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

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